Tips to Deal with your anger/8 quick tips to deal with your anger

In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “Anger is never without a Reason, but seldom with a good one”.

Anger is an emotion that we can’t evade, but life becomes more beautiful when we learn to withstand it. We know that it is an emotion with the power to destroy everything whether it may be your relationships, your job, or you itself. So, what’s your choice? To stay angry or manage this powerful emotion and bring positive change in your life.

Mentioned below are some anger management tips that will tell you about how to control your anger. It will help you to live your life in a better way.

1. Accept It!

If you are angry then try to accept it and acknowledge that you have a problem. Because if you are stuffing it with you then it is just like feeding the flame. This can be a beneficial anger management technique to control your anger.

2. Self-Realization

Whatever the situation, try to know the real cause of your anger. Self –realization saves you from burning yourself with anger anymore. This anger management tip helps you to decide whether your anger is reasonable or not.

3. Be Assertive

If you are angry, show assertion rather than aggression. An assertive person always wins the battle not just by fighting with people but by his confident and genuine approach towards the problem. A little care for others helps you to control your anger in a better way.

4. Confront It

This would work better for the persons with mild temperament. Confront the situation or person with hostile intent and find out the best possible solution to your anger.

5. Mind Exercises

Go for simple mind relaxing exercises and this can control your anger. Let this negative energy go off from your body which would otherwise paralyze your health. As rightly said by Thomas Jefferson, count till 10 when you are at the peak of your anger and it will surely calm you down. Distracting one’s mind to some other pleasant topics like watching your favourite TV show or listening songs has also been found to be an effective anger management technique.

6. Meditate

If you are stressed then you’re more likely to experience anger. Long term effects may include a headache, anxiety and high blood pressure. Numerous studies support the fact that regular meditation can easily pacify an angry soul by reducing the stress levels. It boosts up your mood and calms down the exploding emotions too.

7. Share

The value of sharing has been taught to us since our childhood. This simple habit can help a lot in anger management. You need to get it out in open and share with family and trusted friends. This helps to control your anger as others might give you a different perspective to think upon.

8. Accept & Adjust

This will work as a long- term anger management tip. If you forgive and adjust with the person who made you angry then this will surely heal your relationship. Though it might be difficult but may inactivate your anger triggers.

These anger management tips can prove to be the best possible ways to tame your temper. Just melt the harness of your anger and it will help you to lead a happy life. For better results, you must visit a counsellor or psychologist and follow their advice.