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We provide the special tips and advice’s of heath care treatment and high level of best technology involve in the our hospital.


Pre-employment Checkups

Ensure your prospective employees are healthy and fit.


Health & Wellness Programs

Reward your Employees with a Customized Health & Wellness Program


Doctor Counselling

Round the clock helpline for all your and employees’ medical urgencies.


Customized Health Packages

Custom-made packages that suit all body types and all age groups.


Occupational Health Services

Ensure workforce safety & security at the workplace


Genetic Screening Packages

Empower your employees to understand their genetic predisposition to various health & related parameters.

Benefits of Corporate Wellness Program

Choose Employee Well-being

Healthcare benefits can enhance the recruiting, retention and performance processes:

  • Makes healthcare affordable & accessible
  • Increases job satisfaction
  • They feel focused & perform better
  • They feel taken care of
  • Increases their trust & builds loyalty

Healthier & Happier Employees = Lower Absenteeism & Increased Performance!

For every rupee that is spent on employee wellness, employers get a saving of Rs.132.33 as savings on absenteeism costs, and Rs. 6.62 back as reduced health care costs*.
*Study released by Assocham.

An employee's physical wellness, psychological health and overall wellbeing shows an improvement in his/her work performance and productivity. Good health of your employees is based on timely health information that they can receive every year through checkups. This empowers them to take care of their health, lifestyle and fitness needs.

As a responsible employee, you can provide a healthy & fit workplace resulting in improved retention, reduced absenteeism, and greater job satisfaction.