Run barefoot to improve your memory

You learn a lot when you’re barefoot. The first thing is every step you take is different”.

Michael Franti, A Famous Musician & Poet

Meta description- Running barefoot has a strong connection with sharp memory. It stimulates secretion of a protein that enhances memory and brain function.

Generally, we all have a notion that going barefoot will just mess-up with the feet making them clumsy and dirty, but I say do so. Just kick-off your shoes, run around barefoot and don’t care if your feet get dirty. Confused right? Don’t worry I’ll explain the logic behind it very clearly which might change your opinion and bring some change in your daily routine.

  1. A perfect tool to enhance memory!

Yes, Guys when you run barefoot then it has a direct impact on your memory. Studies report that there are the numerous mechanisms by which regular exercise like running barefoot acts to improve brain function over the long term.

  • Barefoot Vs shod running

When you run without shoes the ground reaction forces and extra tactile sensations play a major role. In barefoot condition, the local pressure underneath the heel is limited and less energy is required as compared to shod running.

  • Let’s have a look at some facts!
  • One reason for possible gains could be due to the continuous focus and attention required when running barefoot to avoid stepping on injurious things on a path.
  • According to a study, the most significant brain activation occurred during times of running at 9 km/h compared with walking at 3 and 5 km/h.
  • Running barefoot at least 16 minutes may improve your cognitive skills and enhance memory.
  • Cathepsin B

It’s a protein called cathepsin B, which is the main ‘hero’ of the whole story. Research shows that when you run, muscle tissues secretes this protein which is then transported to the brain. The increased level of protein is beneficial for improving memory.
  • Promotes production of new brain cells

As you know that formation or regeneration of new cells is essential for a perfect body growth, so a few minutes of run, enhances the levels of cathepsin B. Paul Frankland, a neuroscientist of the University of Toronto, found in his research that it showed improved memory as well as boosted brain cells formation in that part of brain which involves in learning and memory.
  • Increase it naturally not artificially

Let me tell you that Cathepsin B, also has a somewhat darker side. It is produced by tumors cells, linked to cell death as that causes memory loss. For that reason, it’s best to keep the protein level up naturally through exercise, rather than going for artificial ways like consuming supplements to raise its levels.
  • Beware couch potatoes!

There is a strong link-up between a fit body and a sharp mind. So, stop being a couch potato, it will harm you a lot. Runners can reap a host of physical benefits, ranging from healthier bones to sharp memory. In this competitive world, it’s not only beneficial for adults but for doodle-students and growing children as well. A research reveals that the protein Cathepsin B levels spiked in the students who were exercising, and they were able to better perform a memory task that involved drawing a geometric pattern.

A morning walk or jogging is always a preferred by many people but you can go for barefoot running. Slipping –off your shoes may ramp up recall things, boosts ability to handle cognitive tasks. Just try to adapt it on a routine basis it may help you to improve and replenish your memory and live a better life.