Effective Health and Fitness Checkup for Adults

health check up

“Good health is over wealth”– this axiom holds a lot of truth in it.

When you are healthy and fit, you are not dependent on other sources. Therefore, it is utmost important to take care of your body and maintain good health.

Along with eating a balanced diet and regular exercise, regular health checkups should also be an important part of one’s fitness routine. It helps you maintain a disease free lifestyle. Routine health and fitness checkups are essential for every adult to keep their health in top order, however old or fit they might be.

fitness check up

Goals of health and fitness checkups in adults are to:

  • Prevent any disease
  • Early detection and treatment of a potential health issue
  • Promote better health and increase life span
  • Encourage you to maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Assess your risk of future health problems
  • Improve patient-doctor relationship
  • Update immunizations

Everyone has different medical needs. Your complete health checkup depends on various factors such as:

  • Overall health
  • Gender
  • Your personal and family medical history
  • Other factors like patient’s smoking habits, activity level, mental health, diet

Your doctor may ask you several questions during a fitness checkup in order to have a better understanding of your current health conditions. Here are some things you may be asked about at a medical checkup along with a physical examination:

  • Clinical history: Your medical record will be updated regularly by your doctor at each health checkup for future reference.
  • Family medical history: To know about your family medical history is important for the doctor to get information about hereditary diseases in your family.
  • Lifestyle details:  You will be asked about your profession, working style, living conditions at home, working hours as all these factors affect your health.
  • Habits: Like use of drugs, smoking, sexual habits, exercising etc.
  • Daily routine: Like sleeping, bowel movements, eating, vision etc.

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Regular health checkup may comprise of the following tests or health checks:

  • Blood pressure test: It is advisable for all the adults to have a blood pressure test every two years. It screens for irregularities like high or low blood pressure, which can be risk factors for various heart diseases or even heart attacks.
  • Cholesterol test: A cholesterol test is important to check for plaques build up in arteries, which can narrow or block these blood vessels.
  • Diabetes Screening: High sugar levels can result in various health problems before you even realize it. Diabetes and  type 2 diabetes screening can provide an early diagnosis, which is important for proper treatment.
  • ECG: Electrocardiogram(ECG) test is a simple test done to detect cardiac abnormalities.
  • Dental exam: It involves evaluation of oral health issues like tooth decay, gum problems along with cleaning.
  • Obesity test: Doctor will check your BMI and waist measurement to see if you are overweight. Being overweight can cause many health related problems.
  • Cancer screening: Depending upon various risk factors and age you may have screening for various cancers like colorectal, skin cancer, breast cancer(women), cervical(women), testicular and prostate(men) and lung cancer.
  • Health checks for vision: As you age, your eyesight deteriorates. People older than 65 years of age should have an annual eye examination to rule out eye conditions such as glaucoma, cataract, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration. Also, if you wear glasses or contact lenses, get your eye test done every year.
  • Health checks for bones: Osteoporosis is a common disease in men and women as they age. A bone density test may be recommended by your doctor to determine the health of your bones if your have  age above 50.
  • Kidney function tests: To evaluate the proper function of kidneys .
  • STD screening: If you are sexually active and are at a risk of sexually transmitting diseases, your doctor may ask you for tests such as HIV/ AIDS or herpes.

It takes  a little bit of effort on your part to be healthy and fit. A regular complete health checkup is as important as eating healthy and exercising regularly to live a healthy and happy life.