10 Bad Habits that Ruin Your Heart Health

heart disease

An organ which works uninterruptedly and yet never gets tired is our heart, the primary organ of our body. It pumps blood throughout the body system.

According to World Health Organisation (WHO) around 17.9 million people worldwide die each year from cardiovascular disease, it contributes to 31 % of deaths across worldwide. Therefore keeping our heart in good condition is significantly important.

Since many of our lifestyle habits tend to affect our body and health and attracts several kinds of disease. Therefore, keeping a proper check on our daily habits can positively impact our health and heart.

heart health

10 Bad Habits that Ruin Your Heart Health

  1. Regular smoking, drinking and taking drugs: Excessive drinking, smoking and taking drugs increases the risk of heart failure. Regular consumption of alcohol or over consumption of alcohol raises the blood pressure level which can be the reason for heart attack and stroke. Too much drinking can also escalate the heart palpitation which can lead to sudden cardiac arrest.
  2. Being inactive: A recent study indicates that being inactive can highly affect your heart. It is one of the prominent reasons that can lead to heart problems. Lack of indulgence in exercise or physical activity increases high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes which can give rise to cardiovascular disease which can cause heart attack and stroke.
  3. Being severely overweight: Being severely overweight also upsurges the risk of having a heart disease. Gaining weight contributes to high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol level which can severely affect your heart health.
  4. Ignoring stress and depression: The impact of stress can grievously affect our health and heart. According to reports, it has been observed that people under stress and depression are at twice the risk of a heart attack than others.
  5. Over exercising: Although regular exercise can help us to stay fit and healthy and is also good for strengthening the heart. But strenuous exercises for long period of time can collapse your heart. Over exertion due to excessive exercise increases the risk of sudden cardiac arrest.
  6. Consuming too much sugar: Taking too much sugar, or consuming too much of sweets or sweetened drinks can be harmful for your heart. High blood sugar level contracts your blood vessel, and also cause high blood pressure, which can be a major reason for heart disease.
  7. Less fluid intake during summer: Chronic dehydration can deteriorate your heart condition if you are already suffering from heart disease. Not consuming enough fluid during summer can lead to heat stroke which can cause heart stroke as well. Also, having cold water immediately just after coming back from extreme exposure of hot weather can cause heart attack.
  8. Sleeping for long hours can increase the risk of heart disease: According to researchers, too much of sleep on a regular basis can affect your health negatively and can increase the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.
  9. Deprivation of sleep can also lead to heart disease: People who does not get enough sleep are at a higher risk for cardiovascular disease and can be detrimental for the health of the heart.
  10. Taking over-the-counter medicines or consuming dietary supplements: Numerous studies reveal that taking medicines over the counter and consuming dietary supplements without consulting a proper health professional or a doctor led to severe heart disease.

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How to take care of your heart health?

  • Quit smoking, drinking and taking drugs to reduce the blood pressure level.
  • Stay active in day-to-day activities and indulge yourself in 10 -15 minutes of exercise regularly to improve your heart condition.
  • Keep a check on your body weight and try to maintain an ideal weight to minimize the risk of cholesterol and diabetes which can cause heart problem.
  • Stop over exercising as it can collapse your heart due to over exertion.
  • Avoid consuming too much of sugary foods to control the blood sugar level.
  • Have plenty of water during summer or if you are in hot weather.
  • Stop having cold water immediately just after coming back from extreme hot weather.
  • Get moderate amount of sound sleep, i e. 8 hours. Too much of sleep or too little sleep can be harmful for your heart’s health.
  • Stop taking over the counter medicines or any health supplements without consulting a doctor as wrong medicines and supplements may react negatively on your heart.

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Lastly, stay happy and motivated which can boost your heart health.