Reasons Why Summer is The Best Season to Lose Weight?

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Trying to lose weight? Well, there is good news. It is possible to lose weight more effectively and rapidly during the summer season.

Season can play a tremendous role in losing weight more effectively. Weight loss in the right season requires less effort compared to the exertion during other seasons.

During summer, days are the longer and nights are shorter; therefore, it is considered to be the most proficient season to lose weight as people can be involved in multiple activities. The prominent reasons for considering summer to lose weight are as follows:

  • A decrease in consumption of calories: We all are familiar with the fact that weight loss means burning calories. During summer the average calorie intake decreases by 200 calories per day due to the hot season. Therefore, it is easier to lose weight during the summer.
  • Digestion becomes slower during summer: A study reveals that during the hot weather digestion process is slower and we feel fuller for a longer time during the day. So, automatically the craving for food decreases which helps to reduce weight.
  • You tend to drink more liquids during summer due to high temperature: It is obvious to feel thirsty during summer due to the hot climate. The frequent intake of liquid also makes you feel fuller for a longer time. Naturally, the appetite takes a back seat, curbing the hunger pangs.
  • Sweat burns fat: It is easier to reduce weight during summer one tends to work out or exercise more during summer due to the weather. During winter, cycling, jogging and going to the gym becomes difficult due to the cold weather and sweat doesn’t come easily during winter. Therefore, losing weight during winter becomes difficult which is contrary to losing weight in summer.
  • Your happy hormones remain activated: The serotonin levels or the happy hormones are said to remain at its peak during summer due to the sunlight. Therefore, you feel the urge to look good which makes you remain focused on the exercises for burning calories and getting in good shape.

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10 fruits you should have during the summer to lose weight:

Fruits are a great source of natural nutrients and  health benefits. Summer is a season for great varieties of fruits which also help in losing weight. Make sure to include the following fruits in your diet this summer season.

  • Apple
  • Plums
  • Pineapple
  • Guava
  • Strawberries
  • Papaya
  • Watermelon
  • Mango
  • Peach

Weight Loss Tips During Summer

Any good weight loss plans needs to be planned with precision. Some of the major tips to lose weight during summer are listed below:

  • Drink plenty of Fluids: To fight the heat stroke and to suppress hunger the most important thing is to remain hydrated. It is essential to make wise choices with less calorie liquids like green tea, coconut water, ice tea, lemon juice, etc. Consumption of these liquids helps to stay cool and consuming them right before the meal will help you to cut down the calories too.
  • Avoid Sugary and soft drinks: Having chilled and sweetened beverages can slow down the metabolic rate and result in weight gain. Avoid having carbonated or aerated drinks as it may add extra calories.
  • Eat small frequent meals and lighter dinner: It is advisable to take small and frequent meals during summer. Taking small meals will prevent you from feeling heavy and uneasy. You can also take soups, fibre rich salads to feel fresh and healthy.
  • Treat yourself to a natural dessert: Sugar is actually a carbohydrate. Sugar increases the hunger level as it plays a prime role in increasing the blood sugar level and affects the insulin resistance, causing you to crave for more sugary and carbohydrate food which can drive you to gain weight. Replace sweets with healthy dessert options such as frozen yoghurt, fruit Popsicles and fruit salads.

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Any good weight loss need to be planned with precision. Some of the major tips to lose weight during summer are listed below:

  • Drink plenty of fluids: To fight summer diseases and avoid hunger pangs it is important to stay hydrated. It is important to make wise choices with healthy liquids like green tea, coconut water, ice tea, lemon juice etc.
  • Avoid oily and fried foods: Since digestion process becomes slower during summer, consuming oily and fried food that are high in calories should be avoided as it can cause gastric upset and can also result in weight gain.
  • Treat yourself with natural alternatives to sugary dessert: Sugar increases the level of hunger pangs and increases the blood sugar level. Sugar makes you crave for more sugary and carbohydrate rich foods can drive you towards weight gain. Replace the sugary treats with healthy dessert options like frozen yoghurt, fruit salad etc.
  • Include superfoods: Foods that are rich in protein and fibre have excellent cooling properties such as Sabja (basil) seeds can be included in the diet during summer. Superfoods like chia seeds, lemons, ginger, water, pineapple, oranges, berries, grapes have a good amount of vitamins and antioxidant, which help to combat weight gain.
  • Get out of the home and have fun: During summer, it is easier to do exercise and play outside. So, instead of staying back at home, play some interesting outdoor sports and games which will help you to have a healthy and stress-free life and will also contribute towards losing weight.

The above weight loss tips will work more effectively if you add interval training exercise to your daily routine during summer, as engaging yourself in consistent exercise for 15-20 minutes not only helps you to stay fit but also provides strength and agility to lead a healthy life.