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Healthy diet and regular exercise are two important ways to keep yourself healthy and fit. But, how do you track the overall physical fitness and well being? This is where the regular blood tests come into the picture.

With the fast changing lifestyle and food habits, there is a rise in the number of lifestyle disorders. Some of these diseases can be fatal, if not diagnosed timely. Diagnosis at an early stage allows to make an informed decisions about the health and helps to modify the diet and lifestyle accordingly. Therefore, regular blood tests or lab tests are of utmost importance.

With the increasing work pressure and family demands, health often takes a back seat. However, physical fitness and regular checkups should not be brushed aside.

Now it is possible to book blood tests or lab tests online and even get them done at home just like you order a pizza and it gets delivered at your doorstep. Booking lab tests online is that easy, efficient and time saving now.

Lab Tests online

You can select from a number of Blood Test Packages available online that cover various parameters. Before you book a lab test package online keep in mind that it includes the following important blood tests:

  1. Complete Blood Count(CBC)

It measures:

  • White Blood Cells(WBCs)
  • Red Blood Cells(RBCs)
  • Hemoglobin(hb)
  • Hematocrit(Hct)
  • Mean corpuscular volume(MCV)
  • Platelets
  1. Basic metabolic Panel(BMP): Abnormal results of these tests may indicate kidney diseases, diabetes or hormone imbalances.
  2. Complete Metabolic Panel: A complete metabolic panel includes all the measurements of a BMP as well as additional substances and proteins related to liver function: albumin, total protein, ALP, ALT, AST, bilirubin.
  3. Lipid Panel: Checks levels of two types of cholesterol- HDL and LDL. Assesses risk for developing cardiovascular disease.
  4. Thyroid Panel: Checks how your thyroid is producing and reacting to certain hormones.
  5. Enzyme Marker: Abnormal enzyme levels can indicate many different conditions like brain injuries, cancers, heart injuries.
  6. Coagulation Panel: These tests measure how well and fast your blood clots. Includes prothrombin test(PT) and fibrinogen activity test. These tests can diagnose:
  • Acute myeloid leukemia
  • Hemophilia
  • Thrombosis
  • Liver condition
  • Vitamin K deficiency
  1. C- Reactive Protein(CRP) test: High CRP levels indicate the higher risk of heart diseases.
  2. DHEA- sulphate serum test: Checks the optimal hormone levels for healthy men and women.

Benefits of booking a lab test package online:

  • Easy and efficient: Booking a lab test package online and getting them done at the luxury of your home adds to your ease and comfort. It rescues you from standing in a long queue, waiting for your turn at a blood test lab and the traffic you have to deal with while reaching there.
  • Convenient: If you book your blood test appointment online, you don’t need to carve out extra time from your busy schedule to visit a blood test lab You can book your appointment anywhere, anytime based on your availability.
  • Hassle free: It is very simple. Book your appointment and wait for the healthcare professionals to come and take your blood sample if you choose the home collection option. This makes your life hassle free and convenient.

Track your results online:  Most of the healthcare providers allow you to check your lab test results online and few offer a free doctor or dietician consultation to help you understand your reports better and about the needful steps to be taken.

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