The Clearest Signs of Good Mental Health

better mental health

Good health means a combination of good physical and mental health. Mental health is the state of a person’s condition considering their psychological and social well-being.

Absence of any diagnosable mental disorder or illness does not necessarily mean good mental health. Good mental health is more than that. It includes how you cope up with the various life events, how you feel about yourself and what efforts you put towards having a better mental health.

If at any point of life you feel emotionally incapable or have poor mental health, a psychiatrist will be able to help you out. If the condition gets worse, the inpatient mental health centers provide thorough treatment in a residential setting.

mental health

Let us go through some of the clearest signs that indicate towards good mental health:

  • Taking good care of your physical health: The mind and body are closely connected, what affects one also affects the other. Taking good care of your physical health ultimately makes you emotionally well off. Activities and habits such as exercising, sleeping well, eating healthy and being active reflect emotional wellness and also helps staying physically fit and healthy. Therefore, it is very important to maintain good physical health for a better mental health.
  • Setting new goals: Feeling motivated is a sign of good mental health. Motivation makes you feel purposeful and meaningful. People who are mentally fit and healthy set new goals(realistic) and try their best to achieve them. If they fail, they try again and open to new challenges.
  • Sense of meaningful relationships: Our mental health is closely associated to our social life and the relationships we form with others. Sharing our experiences, meeting new people, listening to others, and expressing our feelings, all of them lead to a good social life. A good social life keeps you away from negativity and adds vibrant colors to life.
  • Feel good about yourself: A person with good emotional or mental health feels good about himself or herself. They have a sense of contentment, self confidence and self-esteem and know about their strengths and faults.
  • A flexible person: Emotionally strong people can adapt themselves to different situations. They have the ability to assess every situation and change accordingly with the right mind. People with good mental health are flexible and this trait helps them deal with different kind of people they meet everyday in their life.
  • Capable of loving: If you are capable of giving as well as receiving love, it means you have a good mental health. Loving your family, lovers, friends, relatives, etc. creates a strong bond between you and them. This strong bond of love makes you feel protected and fills your life with happiness, which eventually makes you emotionally strong.
  • Do not become overwhelmed by emotions: An emotionally strong person do not get overwhelmed by emotions such as joy, sorrow, anger, anxiety, fear, jealousy, love or guilt. He or she understands that these emotions are part of one’s life and should not control them. They don’t allow these emotions to hinder with their daily life and cause problems.
  • Have a sense of being thankful: Being thankful for all that you have in your life is a very clear sign of good mental health. Showing gratitude to your loved ones and looking at your life with appreciation makes you feel positive, happy and emotionally strong.
  • Able to accept life’s disappointments: Mentally healthy persons have the ability to handle failures. They are able to accept disappointments in life and do not blame themselves for various difficulties they face in everyday life. They are always ready to accept the challenges life throws at them.

inpatient mental health

We need to understand that having a poor mental health is not a stigma.

Mental health issues should not be seen differently from medical ones. It is important to get a professional assistance if you are not mentally well and it’s not at all a sign of weakness. Rather, it means that you are strong enough to recognize your weaknesses and are able to take positive steps towards receiving help.

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