Routine Health Checkup to Avoid Health Problems

routine health checkup

A large section of the population is unaware of their health problems that leads to severe health deterioration. The severity of the health problems also increases due to the increasing pollution, adulteration and contamination in the environment, food and water respectively.

Another reason which adds to the severity is the lack of knowledge about the legitimate health status. If early precautionary steps are not taken then the sufferance can become austere. Therefore, routine check-up has become indispensable in today’s scenario. Higher chances of successful treatment is only possible when you are aware of the disease and guided properly by a doctor.

routine check up

Routine medical check-up plays a significant role here, in detecting early diseases which can help to combat the disease or to stop spreading the disease further.

Let’s see the benefits of routine health check-up:

  • Reduces the risk of spreading a disease by early detection of the disease: Early detection of disease is a leading benefit of routine medical check-up which can actually help and guide the doctor to take required actions to stop spreading the disease further.
  • Minimizes the cost: If a disease spreads dreadfully in the body, then the cost involved in treating the disease can be more than what you would have actually spent in the early stage when it has been detected earlier through routine health check-up.

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  • Increases the quality of life by recovering the health quickly: Quality of life comprises health, contentment, and happiness experienced by an individual. Suffering due to health can become staggering. Therefore, routine check-up is essential to know the disease early, so to recover the health as soon as possible by following the suggested regime by the doctor. Thereby, helping you to cater your health requirement to lead a quality life.
  • Lowers the stress level: When the health deteriorates there can be increase in the stress level. Routine check-up helps to keep a check on your health as a positive change in your health report can significantly lower your stress level.
  • Increases the efficiency level at work: Good health can increase your efficiency at work. Through routine health check-up you can track down your required needs for your health and can work towards that which can benefit your health acutely. This can lead to increased efficiency at your workplace or even in the day to day activities.
  • Helps to cultivate good habits: Over consumption of alcohol, smoking and even taking drugs can lead you to have several health problems. Routine check-up assesses the liver and lungs which can reveal the actual result of the organs. This can help you to take the required precautionary steps if it has affected you. This can lead to cultivating good habits as the precautionary steps may require quitting drugs, alcohol, smoking and following a healthy routine.
  • Guides you to take correct precautionary steps: The routine check-up presents a detailed report which guides you accurately on how to look after your health and also suggest you to take care on the concerned part or organ of the body, if necessary precaution is not taken.
  • Helps to know the details of your health status: Since routine check-up reveals all the detailed information about your health status it’s easier for you to remain informed about the dos and don’ts of your health.
  • Increases the life expectancy: Life expectancy will naturally increase if you get proper treatment timely and if you remain updated about your health condition. Routine check-up helps you remain updated about your health.
  • Compels you to indulge in various activities to maintain a healthy and fit body: Indulging yourself in small physical activities can increase your strength. After a routine check-up, your health professional may guide you to stick to your old habits or may ask you to make some changes to improve your health condition. The proper guidance and information of maintaining a healthy routine can lead you to have a healthy and fit body.
  • Motivates to live a life to the fullest: Lastly, if your health reports are positive and if it indicates your health is improving or your health is in good condition then you feel highly motivated and energetic to live your life to the fullest.

Routine medical check-ups includes thorough assessment of your heart, lungs, kidney and lungs.  These are done by conducting various types of tests. The routine health check-up packages may  include blood test, urine test, lung function test, ultrasonography, kidney function test, liver function test, ECG, thyroid function test, diabetes test, hearing impairment test and many more. Routine check-up is growing in demand only because of its benefits. The routine health check-up packages can range from Rs. 5000 to 18000. The range varies depending upon the heath condition of an individual and also depends upon the goodwill of the health care centres.