Mediwheel Team Celebrated the Holi Festival

We at Mediwheel, celebrated the Holi Festival on 20th March 2019, Each team members got together away from the work and put the colours on each other, have taken traditional sweets like Gujiya, Imarti etc. Celebrating the festival together connects each employee in a better way to gel across the department which makes healthy bonding.

Holi is the festival of colours, one of the most awaited festivals in India and celebrated in every corner of the country. The festival is celebrated with much joy and vigour all across the country especially in North India.

This beautiful festival of Holi spans over two days and initiates the beginning of spring. On the first day, known as the day of “Holika Dahan”, fire is lit marking the victory of truth over bad. The second day is “Phagun” when the main Holi is celebrated with multiple colours and water. This festival minimises the gap between people of different communities and age groups and people hug each other while smearing each other’s face with colourful Gulal/Abeer.